DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsSwaps not showing and cannot close trades
Mauro Tolomei asked 9 months ago

Hello, I have received a swap request just today, but I am unable to see it in my swap page and I also have a trade to close but I am unable to see it so it’s not possible to interact in any way. I need help… Many thanks in advance, Mauro.

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Mauro Tolomei answered 9 months ago

Hello, please do not consider this topic. I have just now checked once more and all is showing. Many thanks in advance, Mauro

admin answered 9 months ago

Hi All, 
I know the caue of this issue.
Every day at around 2200 – 2230 CET, reporting scripts are running.
These script empty and populating tables used to display star ratio, last login days. etc. On purpose i stopped the script before it totaly ends. I got your reports
The script takes 10 minutes to run. So if you encounter empy lists and it between 22:00 and 22:30 cet then its caused by the reporting scripts. just wait for 10 minutes and it all should be fine.

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