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Todd Mittleman asked 8 months ago

I see that you’re shutting the site down at the end of the year.  Can you tell me how much the site does make, how many monthly visitors, hosting costs, etc?  Would you be open to selling it? 
It’s an interesting site.  I can’t figure out how to edit what I have and need, but we are in the process of our first swap and I like the site for the most part.  I have a little web site experience so maybe I could make it work or at least be sustainable.  

Wido replied 8 months ago

Hi, Yeah its a pitty. monthly It makes 2 euro advertising, 14 euro hosting, Monthly Users 590 Sessions 2,3K Bounce 15,61% Sessieduur 4m 44s. I dont think i will sell it.
Have Need > click Have or Need > select the series (its on the bag of the minifigure or use google) then in the new screen you change the dropdowns to the amount that you have available / want 0-10. In Profile you can set that after an accepted swap the amount decreases automaticly until its at 0 and then its not available for the swap anymore. Very easy.

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wido answered 8 months ago

see comment