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Blue asked 6 months ago

Hi… Many thanks to you for your hard work running this site.  I appreciate the work you’ve done, and want you to know that it was a wonderful site. Thank You.   Blue

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wido answered 6 months ago

your welcome, its build and maintained with a lot of love, effectivity and chillness for all us lego fans. Unfornunatly it needs to go this way. The biggest reason is to have the site future proof it needs a layout change and a maintenance backend. As i mentioned in another post I am closing down my other web properties that funded the site. So now i have to use my personal money to maintain the site.

Willum answered 6 months ago

I fully agree with Blue. I have visited this site on a regular base and traded many figs through the years, but sadly I am not capable or rich enough to keep this site up and running. So, also many thanks from me. 
Bedankt Wido,

wido replied 6 months ago

your welcome

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