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Mike asked 9 months ago

Can you explain what you mean by the message “System will close 31-12-2109” Are you shutting the site down forever?

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admin Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Mike, 
Yes thats my intention and yes forever. hosting costs are huge my internet business drained. So i cant afford it anymore. I can image that you guys organize a fundraiser but that’s up to you to decide. It doesn’t take much time to upkeep the site and with lots of love i added new series. Last series import where smooth. You supplied images. 
I cant come up with a money scheme that’s fair enough for my fellow lego fans. So my intentions to take it down. No i am not gonna sell it either. Not less then 6-7 figures. Massive amounts of time of programming are in it, can’t give it away. its the coolest thing i ever programmed. 

Blue replied 8 months ago

Thank you for the time you’ve given to this site…. also sad to see it close.

Hazel Oakley answered 9 months ago

Did you not want to open it for advertising to pay for the hosting?

I’ll be very sad to see it go.

admin Staff replied 9 months ago

There are advertisement slots. But these don’t work out at all. Cents won’t pay the bills.

I dont have time and energy to go search for advertisers. Its you all who have to put some energy into the system. ITS UP TO YOU!! Will you let it stay?

Bjoern answered 9 months ago

Would it help to offer to host the site?
I have plenty of space left on my webspace that I don’t use.

Admin replied 9 months ago

depends on the specs. .net latest – fast sql server 2018. the sql queries in the website are immense. I am just not a query master but i come very close.

Bjoern replied 9 months ago

To be honest, I don’t really know. My knowledge stops at a bit of php and standard sql, that’s it.

I have a premium package here: https://all-inkl.com/ , maybe you can see whether that might work?

If that provider is in principle able to host the site, maybe it’s worth a shot uploading a mirror and see what happens?

admin Staff replied 9 months ago

no it doesnt support .net .. i am sorry . i cant use. i dont know php at all.

Mauro Tolomei answered 9 months ago

Hello to all,
   The news is quite tragic. I would just like to ask you how much is the yearly cost you need to keep up this site (I mean the total amount it takes). I am sure that, like me, many will help in donating the amount needed. This site has been like home for many years now and I just don’t like to see it close forever. Please, let us all know so we can see how to arrange something hopefully. Many thanks for your attention, Mauro Tolomei.

admin Staff replied 9 months ago

Hi mauro, In know It sucks., see at the bottom of this post the required amounts minimum and with some development. https://qa.minifiguresseries.com/question/more-minifigure-series/

Kim Johnson answered 7 months ago

I also have two domains that i dont really use with plenty of traffic space I can offer up – Unless we move it to some sort of Facebook group? but i can\’t see that working as well.

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